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Skyrim DLC’s finally make their way to PS3… PROOF!
    The day I NEVER THOUGHT WOULD COME is finally here, as Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC was released last night for PS3 owners… for real… I downloaded it and everything… its not a trick…see! (sorry for the crappy shot of my TV).  I reported a few weeks ago that Bethesda would be gracing the maligned console users with the Skyrim DLC’s through the month of February, at a discounted price no less.  Dragonborn came out last night, Hearthfire will drop next week, and then Dawnguard the last week of February.  
    Oh Sony fatihful, this is a day we will soon not forget!  Dragonborn is out now in the Playstation Store for a discounted $9.99 this week only, after that it will be $19.99.
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Skyrim DLC’s Finally Coming to PS3!
Lets be honest, I had given up on ever getting to play any of the DLCs that have came out for Skyrim, and I felt ignored and even punished that I had chosen the Sony gaming system over the Xbox or PC gaming.  I just wanted to fight vampires, and build a home and ride a dragon… is that too much to ask?  So apparently mine, along with many other gamers, complaints about Dawnguard, and Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, have been addressed.  
Earlier today, Pete Hines, vice president of marketing at Bethesda, announced via Twitter that first Dragonborn, followed shortly by the other two DLC’s, would be available to PS3 sometime in February, as well as Dragonborn to PC on 2/5.  This is AMAZING news, as there had been grumblings that the DLC’s may NEVER make the transition to the Sony system due to compatibility issues.
So rejoice Playstation faithful, soon you can continue your quest in Skyrim… just like our PC and Xbox counterparts were able to do 6 months ago.  Thank you Bethesda for not forgetting about us!
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GOT Easter Egg in new Dawnguard DLC?
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Doctor Seuss, Skyrim Mash-up
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The reviews are already pouring in for Dawnguard, most seem to be overwhelmingly positive (what did you expect?).  I have read a few, including ones from Kotaku, and a great forum review on Kongregate.  I think the best of the bunch so far though, has come from Redditor Jpagel, who offers nice, spoiler free insight to the new DLC, regarding new quest, wepons, and skill trees.  Click the link below for the full read, but I think he summs up the DLC nicely below

Dawnguard is great. It’s large (I’ve spent about 20 hours in it so far) and it will definitely keep you busy in Skyrim again. Let’s face it, though – even if it were terrible, we would still all buy it just because it’s more Skyrim. If you’re on the fence about buying it, let me give you a little nudge: buy it. There are new shouts, new abilities, new quests, more achievement points, and MUCH more gameplay.

Man, this cannot come out for the PS3 soon enough!
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