Is Amazon’s Prime Music a Spotify Killer?

If you dont already know, Amazon just launched its “Prime Music” service for its premium Prime members.  Now, as a Prime member, you just don’t JUST get free two day shipping AND access to a large collection of free streaming TV shows and movies though its prime instant video service, but you also now have access to over a MILLION songs, streaming ad free, for no additional cost… except maybe for the recent $20 price hike in membership fees.
So, that said, is this a Spotify killer?  In short no.  Prime Music doesn’t have the depth (only 1 million songs compared to Spotify’s 20 million) nor does it have the accessibility ($100 a year for Prime when you can get Spotify for free) of the existing champ.  That said, if you are already a Prime member, you have just another reason to justify the now $100 cost of prime, and an additional avenue to get your music fix.  
I played around this morning with the service, and Amazon has made it easy to consume, a skill they have become very good at.  All you have to do is enter into the Prime Music section of Amazon to see a massive list of music and pre-selected play list.  Then simply add what you want, either as a playlist/album/song, launch your library either in the web app or mobile app, and you are good to go.  The music is just added to your library so you can make your own playlist and as a kicker, taking one from Spotify, you can download your music for offline use.  You can do this with Spotify but only as a premium member.
So although Amazon’s catalog is much shallower than Spotify’s, for a Prime subscriber this new music service offers a nice alternative to the king of music streaming.  I’m planning a long road trip this weekend to a family reunion (no wifi, spotty LTE coverage) so Im planning on creating several offline playlist to keep me and the wife entertained.
Have you seen enough to drop Spotify for Amazon’s Prime Music service?
June 12, 2014 VIEW POST
Misguided Geek Friday Tech Update
Quick rundown of the Tech news of the day:
- IOS6 came out earlier this week.  Apple’s new map system has been met with… well lets say “mixed” results.  In response Google is ramping up efforts to get its own IOS maps into the App store by Christmas.
- In mobile, non-Apple news HTC’s new Windows Phone offering, the 8x is getting some high praise.  Featuring a uni-body design, Qualcomm S4 1.5 GHz dualcore processor, 16GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, HTC is looking to supplant Nokia as the “Signature Windows Phone.”
- In sad news Walmart and Amazon have decided to divorce officially, as brick and mortar retail giant tells the online retail giant that they will stop selling the Fire Tablets and Kindle e-readers, this mus burn Amazon as Target dumped the Kindles a few weeks ago as well.  It never made sense to me, that two of the biggest stores were selling the flag ship products of their biggest threats, Amazon the online super store.
Here is hoping all my lovely readers have a great weekend, and check back Monday for more Tech, Gaming, and all around Nerdisms.  As always, you can send me questions, comments, concerns, and love notes to @Joshartrip on twitter, or leave a comment here, you know you want to.  Stay Geeky!
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Misguided Geek Friday Monday Tech Update
Quick rundown of the Tech news of the day:
For some reason my Friday post did not publish, sorry about that, but here it is in its entirety with some updates that came in over the weekend:
- The new Ear Pods introduced at Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling are better… but still sound like crap.
- Speaking of the iPhone 5, Apple’s press release this morning gives the new gadget credit for being the most "Successful iPhone Launch Ever" as pre-orders surpassed 2 Million over the first 24 hours!
-We already know that Apple is unrolling its new Maps app when IO6 officially drops on the 19th, but Amazon is apparently moving away from Google Maps as well with their Amazon Maps API moving to Beta.
- Tech and Fitness company Fitbit already has a devoted following with its fitness trackers and scales, but their newest products the Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One add bluetooth connectivity with a handful of mobile divices, something sorely missing in early models of the gadget.  With this addition Fitbit, you have officially made it to my wish list, congratulations. 
What a great way to start the week, a post that should have gone up the week previous.  I promise a full slate of post this week as I try to get back to my regular schedule.  Questions and comments are always appreciated, as always you can catch me on twitter @JoshArtrip, or @Misguidedgeek, or comment here in one of the post, I check them every 5-15 seconds.  As always, thanks for reading, and stay geeky!
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Misguided Geek Friday Tech Update
Quick rundown of the Tech news of the day:  Special Kindle Edition!
So Amazon surprised no one by unveiling a new line up of Kindle Fire’s and Kindle Readers…. but thats not to say there were no surprises.
- Kindle Fire 1.0:  First off, Amazon said they will upgrade the Fire 1 and drop the price of the already ridiculously priced tablet to $160.
- NEW Kindle Fire HD:  Early rumors said there would be anywhere from 3 to 97 new Kindle Fires released.  What Bezos revealed was 3 (kind of), a new 7” Fire HD ($199), a bigger 8.9” Fire HD ($300), as well as the 8.9” Fire HD 4G LTE ($500).  All three feature speedier processors, upgraded screens and a front facing camera, a feature the Fire 1.0 was lacking.
-NEW Kindle Readers:  Amazon once again takes a firm hold on their throne for king of E-readers with their new front lit Paperwhite Kindles.  Two new models, the Kindle Paperwhite ($119 w/ads, $139 ad free) the Kindle Paperwhite 3G ($179 w/ads, $199 ad free) feature the new front lit display, powered by 4 LED’s and a fiber-optic like glass panel, and is slimmer than previous models due to the new captive touch screen which replaced the old IR touch screen.  Amazon old standby Kindle got a couple nice updates to its screen and text, and dropped its price to $69 w/ads, and $89 ad free.
-Amazon 4G LTE Plan:  Here was the big surprise of the night, Bezos announced a couple 4G plans (in cooperation with AT&T), that offer 250 MB/ 3 GB/ 5 GB of data a month, to go along with 20 GB of cloud storage and $10 in store credit.  No big deal right, just another data plan right?  WRONG!  Here is the kicker, for the low lever plan (250 MB/month) the price is $50 a year.  Thats right a YEAR.  That is insane!  And even better, the 3 GB/month plan is only $80 a year, and the 5 GB is $100 a year.  It almost makes the $100 Fire HD 4G a steal!  
That was a lot for today, and a great way to start off the weekend.  I will be in Charleston SC next week, so post maybe sporadic as I will be too busy attempting to eat all the Shrimp and Grits in the city.
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Misguided Geek Friday Tech Update
Quick rundown of the Tech news of the day:
Is this Amazon’s new Kindle Fire?  The Verge threw up this “leaked” image just yesterday, showing a 4:3-ish tablet with an oddly placed camera.  Pardon me while I yell “SHOPPED”!  Verge must know someone at Amazon, because they also leaked the new Kindle Touch, featuring a new E-Ink display called Paper White.
More leaked images of the iPhone 5 (now from France) show more of what we already know:  larger screen, center positions front facing camera, blah blah blah.  What is most intriguing is that funky square chip on the top right just beside the top speaker.  WTF is that for?
Apple beat Samsung in their long dawn out patent lawsuit, we already knew that.  But, that was only in the states, over in Japan the ruling was quite diffrent, as Samsung won against Apple.  Now Apple may owe Samsung money?
So tablets replaced ultrabooks right?  Could new hybrids (tablet/laptop crossovers) be the next big thing?  I mean the Microsoft Surface is in essence a hybrid right, now HP, Asus, Dell, and Lenovo are all coming out with hybrids of their own.  Not all the functions of a laptop, with none of the portability of a tablet… do not want.
That’s another week down, hope you guys enjoyed it, because I know I did.  Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for Doctor Who updates, as well as all kinds of personal information, and then check back Monday for a full recap.  Thanks for reading, and as always, stay geeky!
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Misguided Geek Friday Tech Update
Quick rundown of the Tech news of the day:
Amazon has reportedly sent word out that it will be holding a press conference on September 6th.  This has to be their announcement of new Kindle and Kindle Fire(s) right…. right?
Microsoft revealed a new logo recently, the first major change in 25 years.  This new logo is much more modern the the old one… the text is grey!
Phone company Nokia used to make phones that couldnt be destoyed, since then the company has been on a downward slide.  They hope their partnership with Microsoft will change that, as they are set to produce two Windows 8 phones.
So maybe the iPad Mini wont be announced with the iPhone 5 in September.  The newest rumor is that the svelte new tablet will now be announced by Apple in October. 
Another week in the books.  Ill be in Chicago this weekend for a wedding, so you may see a Instargram shot or two pop up here, so keep your eyes peeled.  As always, thanks for reading, have a great weekend, and stay geeky!
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Misguided Geek Friday Tech Update
Quick rundown of the Tech news of the day:
 - A recent $110 price drop in its Kindle DX is leading many to belive that a whole new run of Kindle’s are about to be released by Amazon, some speculating that the new gadgets could come out as early as next week.
 - As I discovered last week, Sprint has dropped the price of the iPhone 4S by 50 bones.  In a suprisingly… nice move Apple Stores will match the discount on their iPhone 4 and 4S by $49.01 to customers that cite the discount from the wireless carriers.
 - In the background of the ongoing Samsung vs Apple war, lies Google who, according to CNET is silently supporting its brother in Droid.  Per the article, Google has remained silent because “"They don’t want to directly confront Apple."
- Maybe Google is to busy re-inventing the way we transport our bodies around to help Samsung as they recently boast that their Self Driving Cars have now logged 300,000 miles with no accidents.  If I cant have flying cars, I guess I can settle for robot chauffeurs. 
Thats another week in the books, be sure to tune back in next week, same nerd time, same nerd channel.  Stay Geeky - MG
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Summer Reading List Update!
Ok, I made my decision pretty quick, and started reading Hugh Howey’s Wool, a book that I had heard a lot about but never really investigated since recently.  I picked this book to finish off my summer for a couple of reasons:
#1  I miss Science Fiction, due to being so heavily invested in the GOT universe, I didnt get around to any of my Sci-Fi books.
But mainly because of
#2  Wool is one of the big sucess stories to come out of Amazon’s indie publisher ranks.  As of this morning the Omnibus edition, the collection of stories 1-5, is ranked 14th on Amazon’s best selling Sci-Fi list, earlier in the year, the individiual stories and the collection held 6 spots in the top 10!  Quite an impressive feat for a self published book.
Have I piqued your interest?  Check out Wired’s great review of the book and interview with the author, its a great read.
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I have spoken before about the value of Amazon Prime (I am not on their pay roll or sponsored by them in any way… although I am happy to if offered… Amazon?), but they have today, made another leap to being a legit Netflix Competitor, by releasing a Streaming Instant Media app for the Ipad.
Its funny, I have actually been watching Stargate: Atlantis, when I noticed that it will no longer be available on Netflix after today, but it is available for Prime instant streaming on Amazon.  Netflix, you just keep giving me reasons to move on.
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