I wear my iPod Nano as a watch, and I love it.  It works suprisingly well as an everyday watch, the downsides being that you have to charge it, you have to press a button to turn it on, and it isnt waterproof, but honestly I got over all of that really quick.  Yes it looks really nerdy, but hey so do I.
The Nano watch concept really shines at the gym.  I see people with arm bands with their phones or iPods and it just seems awkward to change songs or check the pedometer, this is easily relieved by just moving all that to your wrist.  The issue here, is that you have to either run your headphones up your sleeve, or just have a chord hanging between your head and wrist which is begging to snag something and ruin your concentration or your headphones.  Herein lies the brilliance of SYRE.
SYRE is a Kickstarter project which integrates a Bluetooth transmitter into the iPod Nano watch design.  Now you can have the functionality and convenience of the Nano watch, with the ability to link to a Bluetooth headset for a no wire workout.  True, there are options out there to give your Nano Bluetooth, mainly dongles like this or this.  I even found another Bluetooth watch band, the incredibly fugly Kokkia I10s Watch.  None of these solutions are as elegant as the one proposed by the people of SYRE though.
If you are interested, $50 worth of support can get you one of their watchbands, not bad considering most of the dongles come in at that price range.  Check it out.
Kickstarter, via Uncrate
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Two Full Daft Punk Albums Remixed Into Chip-Tune Renditions? Listen To Them Right Here.

Seriously… they are right here:

You can also download the full run from Da Chips website.

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Amazing bit of photography, the Nevermind baby 20 years later.  Original on the right for comparison, sorry for the baby D.  Its hard to  believe its been 20 years since this album came out (9/24/1991), granted I did not discover this album until middle school, a solid 4 years after its release and probably a year or so after Kurt Cobain was shot by Courtney Love committed suicide.  This was one of the albums that taught me what music could be… that and the inspiring Weird Al Yankovic “Off the Deep End”

Besides being an Awesome CD (seriously Airline Amy is an astounding piece of work) it provides a nice bookend to the post…
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