MisguidedGeek’s First Pathfinder Campaign:  GAME OVER
I havent posted about my first Pathfinder Campaign in a while, so I thought I would update and, unfortunately, conclude this series.  To be quite honest, there hasnt been much to report, I have just been gaming, moving along, learning the system, and getting comfortable with the role playing dynamics.  It has been fun getting to know this new type of game play as well as my fellow role players,  Unfortunately, our GM is moving away from our fair city, so we have ended our game quite unceremoniously. 
I havent quite decided at this point if this will be my first foray into table top RPG’s, or my only attempt in this genre.  There are definite things I like, the customization, the role playing dynamics, meeting all the other gamers, just to name a few.  However, there are just as many draw backs, the confusing game play mechanics, the sometimes awkward meet ups, and the very slow, plodding pace of the game.
Whats the old adage   ”Its not the destination but the journey” or something like that?  This was indeed a journey, i put myself out there, tried some new and excited things, and came away with a better understanding of an area in the geek realm which I was unfamiliar with.  Dont fret, Jex still lives, thanks to the fact that I registered him with Paizo, however I have a feeling he will be taking an extended vacation before returning to his Pathfinder ways.
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Misguided Geek’s first Pathfinder Campaign:  First Dungeon Crawl.
This past Sunday, our courageous group of Pathfinders were sent on a mission to retrieve a jade katana which was hidden in an ancient, and decrepit, hold set in the side of mountain.  Game-play highlights included my character getting absorbed into a giant amoeba, our summoner getting bitten and infected by an un-dead, mini-dragon people, a suicide well, a fire breathing statue, and a giant spider.
    Im still getting used to the game mechanics, as well as just what to look for during battle.  I haven’t quite figured out how and when to use a perception check, I’m also a little slow at figuring out NPC motives, I almost killed an enemy that surrendered, and shot a non hostile creature.  That said, I feel much less lost this time around than during the first game, and was actually able to contribute, both with my tracking ability and my bow.  My character also met Major Colson, the leader of the Andoran faction, which I think of the factions thus introduced, is the most attractive.  All in all, another fun and successful session.
    For more post on my first crack at Pathfinder, check here, here, or here, or check the MG Pathfinder tag for a full list.  Be sure to check back in two weeks for my next update!  Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Leave them here, or tweet at me @Misguidedgeek, or @JoshArtrip.
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Misguided Geek’s first Pathfinder Campaign.
    As a reminder, I recently joined a Pathfinder campaign, this again is my first experience with a table top RPG, and will be chronicling what will be a muti-month campaign here. 
    This first scenario, named First Steps, Part 1 serves as an introduction to the Pathfinder society, and to the world where we will quest.  Myself and my four compatriots were charged with completing a variety of task by sun down.  These were fairly basic missions which we embarked upon, and we were able to make it through all of them… mainly successful.  Without going through a detailed summary, the missions were presented in such a way as to allow us to experience various types of interaction in the game, as well these first few meet ups will present the various factions which we will have the opportunity to join down the road.  There was some diplomacy and problem solving, a puzzle mission, and of course combat.
    After this first experience with this type of game play, I have some thoughts.  The most difficult part of this experience at first was the role play mechanics.  I had a hard time with speaking as my character, thinking like my character, and indeed playing as my character.  It can also be hard to take the game play serious, especially when someone else is asking ridiculous questions to the game master who is acting out the role of an NPC.  What made it easier was playing with a group of seasoned gamers, and having a great GM.  After the first scenario, I was invested and really enjoying my character.
    Its obvious that I am still a novice.  I haven’t quite figured out what questions to ask, or what strengths my character really brings to the group.  Im utterly useless when it comes to combat mechanics, and I really rely on recommendations from the group about how I should be moving and attacking.  But, even with my deficiencies, I am beginning to understand the game, and I am truly looking forward to our next meet up.
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Misguided Geek’s first Pathfinder Campaign.
    So as chronicled in my last Pathfinder post, we created our characters for this first campaign.  I created a Neutral Good, Human, Ranger (archer specialty) whose name I don’t know yet (Jex Battlewood?).  My next step was choosing my mini, which serves as my game piece on the board.  If I haven’t said it already, I am a complete novice, this is my very first experience with any type of table top RPG, I didn’t even know there was a board I just thought the game was played in everyone’s head.  Anyway, with some direction from my group I went with the guy pictured above, Zandu Vorcyon by Reaper Miniatures.   
    Unbeknownst to me, the minis come unpainted, although you can buy pre-painted, plastic figures if you choose.  It is, according to my crew, a rite of passage to choose and paint your first mini rather than buying one of the pre-made variants.   So, today after work, Im stopping by one of the players homes for a group paint session with some of the other members of the crew.  I think it will be fun, however my only experience at all like this is painting a mini model of the Reliant (from ST II Wrath of Khan) that my dad got me.  This did not go well, and in my frustration I broke the starboard warp nacelle… hopefully Zandu (Jex?) ends up in better shape than the poor Reliant.  Once I have him painted up, Ill post back here.   Also, look for an update on Monday on my first experience, you know, actually playing the game.
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So I Recently Joined a Pathfinder RPG Campaign
  If we look back at my very first post, it was my goal in starting this blog to help me rediscover my inner geek, and regain many of those lost interest of yesteryear.  In fact, what I have discovered is my interest now have evolved and matured.  So rather than attempting to go back and recapture some long lost part of myself, I am now finding that Im building a whole new base of nerdy interest… remember I am the “MisguidedGeek”.
  Anyway, I recently had an opportunity to join in on a Pathfinder game at one of the great finds in Greensboro, a little coffee shop/movie theater/nerd den called Geeksboro (dont worry a write up is forth coming).  I have loved video game RPG’s all my life, everything from your classic turn based (Chrono Trigger, FF tactics, FF VII) to the more modern first person RPGs (Fallout 3, Skyrim), so I am super pumped to get into the world of table top RPG games!  
  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pathfinder, it is essentially a modified and extended version of the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  From my limited understanding of the game’s development  the fine people over at Paizo took was was good about D&D 3 and made it better, while streamlining some of the game play, in essence making it a more fun, intuitive game to play.
  Thus far, the only thing I have done is create my character (Human, Ranger FTW), and buy a set of polyhedral die (in the MG color set) but I plan on chronicling my experience through this first, of hopefully many, such campaigns.  Since we meet every other Sunday, this will be the first in a series of bi-weekly post.  Im excited to play, and I think this is a step in the right direction in upping my Geek cred.  If you have any experience with Pathfinder or any other table top RPG that you would like to share with a n00b, leave a note in the comments.
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