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Meet Wemo, Belkin’s new “Home Automation” system.  Comprised of two pieces of hardware, the backbone of the system the home control switch, and the motion sensor, as well as a free mobile app, Belkin gives the promise of complete control of your home’s functions utilizing your wi-fi network.  
From Belkin:

“Belkin’s new WeMo system is home automation made easy. It’s completely modular, so you can control as much or as little of your home as you like. Turn on a light in another room, or turn it off from across town. Put your house on a schedule—living room lights go on in the evening, kids’ TV goes off at bedtime. You can check to make sure you turned the iron off, after you’ve already left the house. Have a fan go on before you get home. WeMo can even guard the front door.  WeMo is your home at your fingertips.”

The price point seems promising, $49.99 for the control switch, and $59.99 for the motion sensor.  Per Belkin’s website, it seems as if a baby monitor and garage door opener are on their way.  Let me just say, that I could not want this more.
Photo via Engadget
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This is what I thought the future would be, and it is awesome.  This dude got a smart phone dock built into his prosthetic arm!  Click the photo for the full article.
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