Avengers Heading Back to the Big Screens this Labor Day Weekend!
So the Avengers are heading back to theaters this labor day weekend to suck up more of your hard earned dough.  This could also be a pocket sand moment for Marvel and Disney, as they hope to distract us all from the delay of the crazy epic Marvel Cinematic Universe:Phase One collector Blu Ray set which includes all the Marvel flicks leading up to, and including The Avengers.  
The delay, which I first heard from my pal Tim, is due to the company Rimowa suing Disney, due to the fact that the cool briefcase that the Blu Ray comes with (based on the SHIELD case from the movie) was created without authorization from the company.  The company has sense filed suit due to the poor quality of the “cheap knock off” case.  Amazon has already pulled the pre order from their website.
"Oh so you want that cool briefcase collector Blu Ray set huh?  Sure that wont… what…. really?!?!  Uhhh LOOK OUT, THANOS!"
So what say ye geeks, will you go see The Avengers again this labor day weekend?
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