Doctor Who 50th:  Day of the Doctor Spoiler Free Review
You, like Im sure most everyone else in the world, has already seen the Day of the Doctor the 50th Anniversary spectacular that aired this past Saturday.  Yet, if you are one of the few that has not seen it yet, Im going to keep Spoilers (Spoilers) out of my review, outside of the typical trailer fair.
First off, its good to have Who back, these long breaks are tough to handle, so I badly needed the fix.  With that out of the way, Ill be honest, I found much of the story line itself, well, rather drab.  Moffat and company scored some nostalgia points, there were a TON of nostalgia to go around though, by bringing back the shape shifting Zygons, but I found them dull as the main monster of the special. 
Its an episode that starts fast, but quickly bogs itself down with too many early plot lines, between 11 and the modern Zygons, 10 and Elizabeth and the Zygons in the past.  And then the other Doctor, who we met in the Season 7 finale and we found out in the “webisode” Night of the Doctor is actually “The Warrior”, kind of Doctor 8.5, which both fills the gap between 8 and 9, and gives #8 fans a final chance to say their goodbye.  His mission, and existence, is in fact is the main plot.  So, with all that going on, the first 30 or so minutes of the episode is clutter, confusion, and honestly, a little boring.
But, once the exposition is out of the way, the show gets going, dealing with heavy moral issues and delving into the very essence of the who the Doctor is/was/is going to be (the answer is Who Knows).  Even with all the deep character exploration, the interplay between Smith and Tennant keeps things light and fun, inducing many a school girl giggle from yours truly, as I was delighted to get “my” doctor back for one more run.  The story rounds out to a fantastic, goosebump inducing climax, that really needs to bee seen (multiple times) for full effect.  
All in all, even with a slow start, this is a truly tremendous gift to all Doctor Who fans, from the long time fans, to the recent converts.  Every Doctor (yes all of them) has a role to play, and its fun to take a trip down memory lane with your favorite.  This is not just a fan service special though, this is really an amazing story, that should stand the test of time as one of the absolute best Doctor Who stories of all time.
Image Credit AndyDaRoo
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One Geek’s Opinion:  Almost Human
I have a very bad habit of getting too excited about any new Science Fiction show that pops up.  I LOVE the genre, and I am always quick, often too quick, to slup up any and all offerings.  I had a chance to catch part one of the Almost Human season premier, and I thought I would take a moment to share this geek’s opinion on Fox’s new offering.
Lets just get right to the point, there is nothing new about Almost Human, it relies on about every old trope there is, both in the realm of science fiction, and in a crime drama.  Damaged curmudgeon detective?  Check.  Advanced society with a dark underbelly?  Check.  Loan wolf cop who reluctantly accepts help from a young partner on the behest of his hard nosed commanding officer?  Check.  Robots?  Check.
Its all here, but there is a reason shows keep using these story telling devices, its because they work.  We all love a damaged hero seeking retribution and relevance again.  We adore an underdog story.  We are excited for the future, but wary of the pros and cons of new technology.  And lets be honest, who doesn’t appreciate a good buddy cop story?  Almost Human doesn’t recreate the wheel, but it keeps it spinning with a fun, fast paced police drama, with enough witty banter to break up the intense story.  Full of human vs robot angst, and cop vs mob action, its a fun show with a lot of promise, plus it stars Bones/Judge Dread Karl Urban, who is an outright amazing actor.  It reminds me of I-Robot, if Sonny and Will Smith became partners at the end of the movie and waged a two man (well one man one robot) war on organized crime.  Well really thats exactly what this is, and I for one am fan… so far anyway.  I maybe wrong, but hey, this is just one geek’s opinion.
Make sure to check out part 2 of the season premier tonight on Fox, 8 EST, and as always, let me know what you thought of the show in the comments below, or hit me up on twitter @misguidedgeek.  
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Marvel/Disney/Netflix Deal = Good News For You!
I first saw this story over at Marketwatch, and have subsequently seen it on Reddit, Io9, Comicbook Movie, among other places, so now that you are reading it here, you know its legit and not some elaborate prank that the big wigs of Marvel/Disney/Netflix are playing on us, the lowly masses.  These three companies have agreed to a MASSIVE deal that will bring four marvel superheros to Netflix for their own serials starting in 2015, those four being Daredevil (!), Iron Fist, the long awaited Luke Cage story, and Jessica Jones.  The series will cover Hell’s Kitchen NY, and follow our heroes in their adventures and misadventures, and presumably, their cross overs and collaborations (conflicts?) between the four and the main line Marvel Movie world (phase 3 maybe?).  In addition there will be a miniseries event exclusive to Netflix based on the Defenders.  I’m speculating here, but one could guess that these four will form this iteration of the Defenders, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see old school Defenders Dr. Strange and the Submariner make an appearance at some point.  
Alright, I kept it together through that paragraph, but seriously, Im freaking out!  Not only do we get MORE original content to Netflix, most of which has been AMAZING, but we get more Marvel story arcs and what amounts to a whole new mini-Marvel phase introducing 4 new characters and a team up!  The only way I can adequately describe my excitement is in Gif format (one of which has a bad word so children beware)… so HERE WE GO!

Keep posted here for more updates, but all signs point to amazing!  
UPDATE:  This is from
"…the epic will unfold over multiple years of original programming, taking Netflix members deep into the gritty world of heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Netflix has committed to a minimum of four, 13-episodes series and a culminating Marvel’s The Defenders miniseries event that reimagines a dream team of self-sacrificing, heroic characters.”
Years!   YEARS!
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If you are looking for something new to keep you entertained during that long commute, at the gym, or while waiting out the zombie apocalypse?  I humbly offer the following Podcast that I think you may enjoy.  Just like everything else this blog represents, many of these are local offerings, but there are also selections from across the nation.  Geek or ghoul, you should find something here to entertain you!
- Dead Men Talking:  My pal and partner XombieRick along with his cohorts in crime discuss all things Zombie, including the latest Walking Dead, and Walker Stalker Con. 
- AcmeCast:  The official podcast of Acme Comics in Greensboro NC, this latest episode is the wrap up for CBCC.
- Epicpodquest:  Probably my favorite Geek podcast, episode 062 is a special live episode with the creators new comic book Wilder.
- Malliard Report:  Is paranormal just normal for you?  Then make sure to check out all of Jim Malliard’s reports.  This week he interviews Thomas P. Fusco.
- Get Out of the Room: Its a horror podcast… among other things… hey diapers are scary right?  The latest ‘cast discusses the return of Grimm, Dracula, Walking Dead, and TONS of other stuff, on topic and not.
- RPGrinders:  Your sources for the latest RPG news.  This after Halloween special looks at the favorite scary games, and of course, updates to the RPG-verse.
- Squarehead Kids:  They talk about Halloween… and other stuff.  Ok, they don’t really talk about much, but damn if they are not entertaining doing it.  CHECK THEM OUT, they are awesome!
Make sure to check out the Wicked Radio Network for a full list of great podcast and blogs, only a few of which I have mentioned here, and of course check back next week for another podcast round up.  Are you a local (Greensboro, or North Carolina) podcaster discussing geekery?  Let me know, I would love to talk about what you do!  
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First off, this will be my last CBCC post, I promise, after this is back to business as usual. Below is a album of the cosplayers that I could catch, which I know is only a fraction of those who made it out.  Because I was behind a table talking to all you wonderful people, I wasn’t able to canvas the con like I usually do, that said, I think I caught some of the best Cosplayers of the day.  Everyone looked great, but I think my favorite was the hand made War Machine, which was super impressive.  Make sure to check the album below for the most unlikely Marvel Team Up ever!
My headline shot is the Burton family, who I first met at Free Comic Book Day two years ago, when they went as a Star Wars group (X Wing Pilot, Storm Trooper and a Jedi I think).  I saw them last year, again at FCBD when they went as the Doctors (4, 10 and 11), and now this year they went as the “Orange Box (Portal, Team Fortress, and Half Life).  Man, what a great family, I cant wait until I have kids so that I can do the same.  Mr. Burton, if you are reading this, thank you for taking time out to talk with me, you are a great dad and an inspiration!
Below is the full, albeit short, album.  I have a brand new lens on my camera (50mm f/1.8), which is a great little piece of glass and takes great pictures, but it can be unforgiving with the focus (check out Female Magneto below as an example).  I’m still getting used to it, so unfortunately I had to toss a ton on pics simply because they are out of focus.  If we spoke and if I took your picture and don’t see it below, let me know and Ill send you my blurry shot.
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Comic Book City Con - A look back
Now that a few days have passed, lets take a look back at the first annual Comic Book City Con.
In my somewhat professional opinion, I have to say the program was a massive success, not just for a new con, but for any con!  From a guest perspective, I was impressed with both the quality and variety of artist, vendors, and panels.  Big wigs like the “Avengers’” Jonathan Hickman, and “Daredevil’s” Mark Waid, to plenty of first time, and local, lesser known artist attended and met with fans.  Vendors included plenty of local representatives, like Lost Ark, Geeksboro, and Greensboro Roller Derby giving it a distinct local vibe, but also tons of Comic dealers, like Heroes, ComicWhiz, and Trilogy Comics, there was plenty to see and buy.  Then of course, there were the panel’s, TONS of variety, including a Cosplay panel and contest, and a performance from the awesome Doubleclicks!  From everything I heard from the guest I spoke to, everyone was very happy and having a great time, I heard one kid say “this is the greatest day of my life!”
From a vendor perspective, and as a “vendor” myself, in general I heard good things.  Folks seemed to be happy with the turn out.  There were some issues on day one with the wi-fi which hampered some businesses ability to sell their products, but I think that was taken care of by Sunday.  The feel from the vendors was that the location was good, and the crowds were good, but that people were not buying much.  The remarks tended to be “well, for a first con…” which left me with a sense that vendors were content, but disappointed when it came to sales.  Hopefully, should this become an annual event, it will draw more and more people, and the money will follow.  The potential excites me, but these comments also make me nervous, if the crowds dont increase, the vendors will not return.
In so far as news coverage goes, I wasn’t able to find much, but what I have seen has been positive:
The Greensboro News and Record had a great write up by UNCG Alum Joe Killian.  They report 1,500 in attendance, and go so far as to say that “By the convention’s wrap up on Sunday, it was clear (Stephen) Mayer and the Acme crew had succeeded.”  They also included a nice gallery of the weekend, which included a shot of your very own MisguidedGeek hanging out in the back of the Cosplay Competition.
Dig Triad had a another short piece on the Con, and although they made no judgments on its success, it lends some nice regional recognition to the event, and gives Acme czar Jermaine a platform to promote the con and the culture of Greensboro.
If you were able to attend Comic Book City Con, let me know you thoughts in the comments, and check back later for my CBCC Cosplay SPECTACULAR! 
Image via Acme Comics’ Tumblr
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Welcome New Readers!
After Comic Book City Con, I saw an influx of new hits on the site, so welcome to all you new comers to MisguidedGeek, make sure to wipe your feet on the way in, and please enjoy your stay.  If you are one of the many folks I met this past weekend, please leave a note in the comments section and say hi, let me know what you think of the site, and if there is anything YOU are interested in, let me know.
Just to get you excited about the upcoming content, here is what I have on deck for the next few weeks:
- I should have a full round up of the sights and sounds of the 1st annual Comic Book City Con up tomorrow or Wednesday.  If you have your own insights you want me to share, leave a comment below, or shoot me an email (, or a tweet (@misguidedgeek, @joshartrip).
- In a separate post, Ill do my usual “Cosplay Spectacular” rundown, so if you did come to the con in uniform, look for that either Wednesday or Thursday.
- I met a few great local podcasters at CBCC over the weekend, I hope to have a podcast round up at the end of the week hitting on everything that they are discussing, and of course plugging my Wicked Radio Peeps as well.
- I also have another “MisguidedGeek Dad” post, running through the set up the Foscam baby monitor  I talked about in my first “Dad” post.  This will be an on going series, so Ill have plenty more coming up in the upcoming weeks/months/years.
- I want to do more of my MG Reading List, as I was only able to get through a few during the summer.  I may try and squeeze in a Halloween one this week, but look for seasonal reading list through Fall and Winter.
So, make sure to bookmark, and check back often for updates and content that I hope you like.  Feel free to comment often, and let me know what YOU want to discuss.  I made this blog to reconnect myself back with the awesome community we have here in Greensboro, and abroad, as well as an outlet from the day to day grind, so I want to interact with all of you.  Thank you very much for reading, and I look forward to talking and meeting many of you in the future.  STAY GEEKY!
-Josh Artrip, the forever MisguidedGeek
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Comic Book City Con Live Blog! Day 2
Comic Book City Con Day 2 is a go! I saw a great line as I drove in this morning, here is hoping for another great day of fun and excitement!
11:00 AM - DOORS OPEN, Lets get the day going!
12:10 PM - Dan Sellers, writer and director of locally shot and produced Hank vs the Undead will be joining us here at out booth today, showing off a clip for the upcoming film.  Make sure to stop by, and learn about the new movie.

1:02 PM - COSPLAY CONTEST!  Wow, what a great turn out!  I didnt really know what to expect, seeing as this is our first con, but man, the amount and quality of the cosplayers is remarkable.  I was most impressed by the “Orange Box” crew (see below), which you may remember from last years Free Comic Book Day, as the various Doctors.  I have tried to capture as many players as I can, and will  do another Cosplay Spectacular later in the week.  GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!

2:20 PM - Took my last lap around the con before my early departure.  Great seeing guys like Daniel from Lost Ark, Joe Scott from Geeksboro, Chris from the Greensboro Beard and Mustache Club.  What I love about cons is the sense of community, and it is evident here at every turn.
3:00 PM - Well folks, my time at the Comic Book City Con has come to an end, but Xombirick, and Dan Sellers will still be hanging out, there are also plenty of MG cards and Buttons still on display.  So although my person has left the building, the Misguided Geek remains in spirit.  Thanks to EVERYBODY for such a great couple of days.  I had a great time, and I hope everyone else did too!
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Comic Book City Con LIVE BLOG! Day 1
Welcome to your EXCLUSIVE (maybe) live blog for the first annual Comic Book City Con, in beautiful downtown Greensboro North Carolina! Im hanging out today with Xombirick, and we talking geek and zombie today at the Wicked Radio/MisguidedGeek booth! So, if you are around, make sure to stop by and say “hi”, and if you cant make it, you can live vicariously through this post. 
10:00 AM - Doors Open! Good crew to start the day!
10:16 AM - First people to stop by the table! Rick is selling comics for a $1, everything else is free!

11:09AM -  It’s confirmed, people are reading the blog! I just met the AWESOME Michole Miller ( @art-by-michmill) , who saw one of my post on Tumblr. Make sure to check her out in the Artist Alley up stairs, and her Tumblr
12:28PM -  The con is still gong strong as we enter hour 3. Saw some great cosplay, talked to a lot of awesome folks about all manor of Geek. Great seeing my MG buttons added to this kids collection! 
1:08PM -  Met one of the lovely ladies from the Girls Gabbing Geekery podacat! Make sure to check them, and all the other ACME Wave Projector ‘cast! 
height=”42” width=”42”H2:20PM -  LUNCH TIME (🎶 come on tell your friends🎶)3:02PM -  And we are back, fueled up for the final stretch. If you haven’t seen “Arrow,” it’s worth checking out, this is verified by three other guys. Apparently CW shows come up a lot at comic cons…. who knew?3:20PM -  Remember, we are giving out tickets to Walker Stalker Con today at 4. So you only have a few more minutes to buy your ticket. All proceeded go to benefit Spirits of St Jude.4:16PM -  Congrats to Shayna for winning two tickets to Walker Stalker Con next week! Remember we are giving two more tickets away tomorrow!5:00PM -  That’s all for today, make sure to check back tomorrow for the Day 2 live blog!
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