Sorry the site has been so dead… I have been a little busy.
Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I have a great excuse.  On 2/13 we welcomed Nora and Penny to our family, and on the same day I waived good bye to all my free time.  It has been an insane few weeks, but as crazy as they have been, they have been equal parts incredible.  I was as new a dad as they come, I had never even held a baby before he first one was born, so I have had a crash course in parenthood.  Its been tough, but very rewarding.  
On top of all of this, I am in my last semester as a graduate student at UNCG, so for those short moments when the kids are asleep or otherwise busy, I have been working hard on my final research paper and preparing for my comprehensive exams.  I do occasionally get to play video games or read a book, but usually its with a kid or two laying on top of me (see above).
So, sorry I have been such a terrible blogger, but MisguidedGeek has never left my mind.  I have some great ideas for some upcoming content, but they may not be up for another couple of weeks.  Anyway, I love you guys, thanks for always sticking with me, and I promise I’m still around, and will be back soon.  
Take care, send me good thoughts, and as always stay geeky.
-Josh Artrip
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The After:  Review, Another Great Reason to be a Cord Cutter.
I had a chance to catch one of Amazon’s new pilots last night, The After, and I am going to share my thoughts on what I thought about the new show from X Files creator Chris Carter, but first off I want to say, once again, how excited I am for all the original content being pumped out there for online consumption.  Beyond just the amount, there is a ton, I think the quality and the consistency is getting to a point that it is now a VERY legitimate threat to cable.  Yes, there is House of Cards and Orange is the New Black from Netflix, but that has really been about it.  I watched all of Amazon’s last batch of pilots, and I didnt really get into any of them (although Alpha Dog’s was ok.)  The After, taking away the premise and story, is a high quality show, featuring solid filmography, decent writing, a talent cast, and good special effects.
Ok, now lets talk about the show itself.  Im going to keep this spoiler free, but honestly there isnt much to spoil.  The After is either going to be Lost or Alcatraz, Twin Peaks or The Event.  Its another one of those “something mysterious is happening, but we cant tell you what because thats the entire plot of the show, also we dont even know what it is, just watch for 5 seasons and we will give you some hints” kind of shows, that seem to start out strong, but wilt under scrutiny.
The After takes place in Los Angeles, and revolves around a group of people who mysteriously lose track of a day, a day in which the whole world (maybe literally) goes to hell.  The population is in panic, and there is a feigned reference to people being infected.  There is no water, no power, no civil government that is readily apparent, and it seems that all our motley crew can depend on are themselves… their perfectly mixed (racially, ethnically, socioeconomically) and flawed (prostitute, alcoholic, sad clown, criminal) selves.  Being an internet exclusive does have its advantages, in the fact that The After has some brief nudity, and an excessive (really) amount of F-Bombs, to the point that it was kind of distracting.
I’m interested in The After, and I’m sure we will get at least one season of the show. I think the “Pilot” designation is merely a formality, seeing as it has the massive names of Chris Carter and Jamie Kennedy attached, plus I feel as if Amazon is putting their weight behind this show to make it their House of Cards.  We will see what happens, it has all the makings of a fun run, with a compelling premise and interesting enough cast of characters.  
The After will be an Amazon Prime exclusive, but you can catch the pilot for free even if you dont have prime.  Check it out, and let me know your thoughts.
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Misguidedgeek Dad:  BABY TECH
If you dont already know my wife and I are having twins, in fact they are due any day now, which is exciting as it is terrifying.  One of the things I am most excited about with these kids, is all the fun gadgets and goodies that are out there.  When I started looking, however, I was blown away at all the baby tech that exist, so I wanted to take a moment and share some of the cool stuff I have found.

The Origami Stroller
This is the Tesla Roadster of strollers.  This teched out baby carrier is self folding, features daytime running lights and a LCD heads up display (with a thermometer, speedometer, trip and lifetime odometers), an optional cell phone charger, and can carry more than a Tibetan Sherpa.  Here is the coolest thing about the Origami, the LCD screen, the powered folding, and the phone charger are all powered by generators in the rear wheels as you use the stroller!  Mmmmm thats good tech, but it doesnt come cheap, at $849.

The Rockaroo
4Moms makes the Rockaroo, they also make the Oragami, they they are no strangers to baby tech.  Rather than a “bouncy” seat which just creates an up and down movement, or a swing which creates a slow horizontal arc, the Rockaroo makes a figure 8 type motion which, per their literature, simulates a “rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby.”  As a bonus, where most chairs or swings come with a selection of 8 bit nursery rhymes, the Rockaroo features a set of speakers with connectivity to a music device.  Great for that kid who can only fall asleep to Metalica.  $159.

Vtech InnoTab 2 Baby Learning Tablet
Ipad or Galaxy Note?  Surface or Kindle Fire HD?  Tablet decision are not just for the parents, babies need a tablet too right?  The innoTab 2 Baby is just what your toddler needs to learn hand eye coordination, visual acuity, and how to post videos to Facebook.  The tablet features an e-reader, a music player (or at least the ability to play music), and various built in and downloadable games, it also has a camera and microphone which records still pictures and video.  So, yeah, if your kid needs a tablet, you can get them one for like $50.  Also note, there is a new InnoTab 3 (and 3s?), but the 2 seems to be the last marketed towards babies.

Although still a concept, the CarKoon is the next level in evolution of the car seat.  This car seat sits on a swivel, so it can be both rear and front facing, and is removable from its base to act as a baby carrier.  This makes this a cool car seat, but what makes puts it in the uber tech category, is the fact that it has an airbag.  Once the on board sensor detects a collision, it deploys an airbag, that encompasses the baby in a cocoon (CarKoon… I get it!) like structure, thus protecting your baby.  The early price is advertised at 499 pounds, or $814 at current conversion rates.  
That’s it for this edition of MisguidedGeek Dad, check back in another week or so for the next installment.  I’m sure once the kids get here Ill have much more to say.  Should you have kids, especially twins, and have advice for a new dad-to-be, please send me advice/encouragement/beer.  Drop a line in the comments, shoot me a message on twitter, ANYTHING will be appreciated!
*MisguidedGeek Dad is an ongoing series chronicling my journey as a new dad struggling to stay geeky while keeping his kids alive and healthy*
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Dwayne “Rock” Johnson is the New Green Lantern?
Take this with a massive pinch of salt, but new rumors reported by Comic Book Movie (image credit)  and re-reported by Machinima, follow that the Rock would be suiting up as a member of the Corp for the upcoming Superman V Batman movie.  
Johnson had been tied to the flick for some time, and the internet has been chasing its tail trying to figure out who we would play.  I have heard Aquaman, Darkseid, Doomsday, Lobo, Black Adam and Cyborg.  A few months ago the Rock posted the below image on Instagram with the text

“Known this beast since he was 15. I was on the football field playing for Miami, he was leading the Hurricanes marching band as Drum Major. He spent years of working on my WWE story lines & Rock monologues. Then years of being on every movie set with me learning the film business from top to bottom. Today, he’s one of the best and most sought after producers in Hollywood. Brilliant, relentless and one big motherf*cker! Proud of you brother & thank you for all the hard work.#ProducerHiram #TeamRock#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”

Note the hashtag “#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”.  Apparently, no one picked up on this in force until IGN posed the question to the People’s Champ on twitter

All I said was.. #LanternCanWhupSuperman RT: @IGN: Did @TheRock reveal that he’s playing John Stewart/Green Lantern?
— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock)
February 5, 2014

The rock seems seems to dismiss the jabronies over at IGN, but as the Comic Book Movie article points out, the Rock has made similar statements about his physical prowess over his co-stars in other movies, like Vin Desiel in Fast and the Furious and to Channing Tatum in GI Joe: Retaliation.  Could this be Johnson poking Superman star Henry Cavill?
Its rare that I say someone is just to muscular to play a superhero, but I think Rock is just to damn big John Stewart.  What about you, could you see the Rock as the Green Lantern?
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Operation Cut the Cable UPDATE
So, its been about ten months since I first decided to get rid of Cable, and as of today, the household has been completely cable free for the better part of eight months.  I thought this was a good time to look back on the experience, discuss the pro’s and con’s as well as what I would do differently.
Cost:  This is the biggest pro.  With all the expenses of life (especially with two kids coming), its hard to find another way to save $100 or so a month.  
Time:  Yes, I know there is DVR and on demand that allows you to watch what you want pretty much when you want, but what about all those in between times?  I have found myself, if Im bored, rather than channel surfing, Im doing productive stuff, like reading, working on projects, or playing my guitar.  And when I do want to watch something, I am consuming more efficiently, only what I want, when I want.
Cost:  I know I said this, but I cant reiterate it enough.  If you have cable and are reluctant to give it up, look at what you actually watch and compare that to all the waste that you dont watch BUT ARE STILL PAYING FOR.
Selection:  Although there is Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and Hulu which covers a lot of what I want to watch, there are somethings I miss that I have to pay a la carte for.  Like Doctor Who, and Mythbusters.  But then there are other channels, like HBO and ESPN that I have simply had to adapt to live without.
Time:  This is a pro and a con, because yes, Im not channel surfing… but I kind of miss channel surfing.  Its wasteful I know, but it feels good (in a bad way) to zone out for an hour or so, flipping between A&E and History 2, or catching a marathon of Storm Chasers.
What would I do differently?
Besides not waiting so long to cut my cable, there are only a couple of things I would do differently now.
Chromecast:  I am very happy with my Roku 3, and somewhat happy with my Roku HD, but if I had the option, I would swap at least the HD for a Chromecast.  I think its a cheaper, better alternative than the Roku’s (although I adore the remote on the 3 that allows you to plug in headphones).
Bigger Antenna:  This is an area where I can still improve my set up, but I have been watching local TV using just an older set of bunny ears.  They work ok, but I have seen some setups where guys rig up these huge antennas in their attic and get signals from four states over and Latvaria, and I think I would not only like that, but that it would save some of the early frustration of adjusting antenna’s to get a clear signal (what is this 1950?).
Thats it guys, I’m almost a year in, going strong, and loving every minute of living free of cable.  Have questions about cutting the cord?  Want to share your own advice?  Let me know in the comments, or on twitter (@joshartrip, or @misguidedgeek).
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Where My Two Obsessions Combine:  NFL and Star Wars
I have discussed here in passing my obsessions with sports uniforms, which may possibly be the strangest thing to obsess over in the sports realm.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, but there is something about the aesthetics of athletic wear that has ingrained itself into my psyche, a topic best left for another entry.
Anyway, I love sports uniforms, and I love science fiction, so when I found this Star Wars - NFL concept this morning over at Uni-Watch, I was filled with glee!  I have taken the liberty of recreating last night’s Superbowl (Seahawks and the Broncos) above with the Totdaria Wattos and the Hoth Tauntauns. 
John Raya has done a full set of the NFL, both the NFC and the AFC and has done an awesome job of finding similarities in both and merging the two in a way that it seems natural.  But where he really went above and beyond is in the details.  His use of accurate Star Wars planets and places, his team specific word marks, and his use of the Republic and Mandalorian symbols to designate the two conferences is really well done.  These details are what gets the juices flowing of a uni junkie like myself.  
Make sure you check out the full set, linked above, and then head over to John’s Behance page and give him some love.
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Was Anyone Else Aware That They Are Making a Firefly Online Game?!
I know I have been a little out of the loop recently, but damn, how did I miss this?  Apparently way back in the summer during SDCC, Quantum Mechanix along with Spark Plug Games showed off the below announcement video, making Browncoats in attendance brown their pants.

Since then, these good folks have kept the blog updated with TONS of great stuff, including gifs of ship renderings, like the Firefly Series 3 in the title shot, character and weapon concepts, and ship and spaceport interiors!  
The concept for the game, coming to PC and Mac, is much like the show, you get a ship, you get a crew, and you keep them flying.  Im assuming there will be smuggling missions, running from Alliance (or working for the Alliance), maybe a train heist or two, but generally making money, updating and improving the crew/ships/mods, and traipsing around the Verse looking for trouble.  It sounds like a blast!
Make sure to check out the Keep Flying blog, but also io9 has a great, one page rundown of the game, so if you want to see everything at a glance CHECK THEM OUT.
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